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Xie Tian
Birthplace Ming Empire (present-day China)
Birthdate October 1, 1569
Height 1.73 m
Weight 54.5 kg
Age 22
Blood type A
Weapon Chinese Sword
Weapon name Typhoon Edge
Fighting style Similar to Hwang's
Family Sister, Yun
Brother, Di
Brother, Yu
Uncle and Master, Yangchen
Appears in Soul Calibur IV: Souls of the Future.
First game Soul Calibur IV: Souls of the Future.
English voice actor Steve Downes
Japanese voice actor Shōgo Suzuki

Xie Tian is a character who appears in Soul Calibur IV: Souls of the Future.

His fighting style is similar to Hwang's, except some of his moves involve sheathing his sword and then shooting energy spheres or beams out of his palms.

What lies in his soul is Compassion.




Typhoon EdgeEdit

Other WeaponsEdit

Critical FinishEdit

He sheaths his sword and puts his hands together in a praying position. Then, he thrusts his right palm in the direction of the opponent and blasts him/her off the stage if an invisible force.



Character SelectionEdit

  • "This is it."
  • "Alright, let's go."

Before BattleEdit

  • "You want a piece of me, boy?" ("boy" is replaced with "girl" when fighting a female character)
  • "You can't beat me."
  • "Do not provoke me to violence."
  • "You could no more evade my wrath than you could your own shadow."
  • "I? I am a monument to all your sins."
  • "From shadows, I come."
  • "Destroy, Annihilate, Obliterate, Eradicate..."
  • "This should be pretty interesting."
  • "You underestimate my power."
  • "You called down the thunder; now reap the whirlwind."
  • "So be it."
  • "Power overwhelming!"
  • "Anytime you're ready."
  • "Whadda you want?"
  • "Ready to kill." (never said to Yun, Di, Yu, Helen, and/or Yangchen)
  • "Prepare to die...Immediately..." (never said to Yun, Di, Yu, Helen, and/or Yangchen)

After BattleEdit

  • "I win."
  • "You lose."
  • "I cannot be stopped"
  • "Remember kids: Zerglings bite; but, hydralisks sting like no tomorrow."
  • "Now stay down!"
  • "Pitiful."
  • "May the force be with you."
  • "It's over."
  • "There is no cow level."
  • "You need some good ol' fashion discipline, that's what you need."
  • "What is your major malfunction?" (Victory against Yangchen)
  • "I am invincible, that's right."
  • "I'm just curious, why am I so good?"
  • "What a pity, what a waste! You do not know what powers you have."' (only said to Kerrigan and Helen)
  • "Dammit." (Losing)