Surly is a Guest Character who's inducted into Kilik's Army. He was a former Mercenary working for Mitsurugi, who now shares his desires to others. He wore a Malachite Tabard, White Hakama, Golden Armor, Greaves, and Vambrace, and wears his Wolfpack boxers underneath

Surly Squirrel Sequel
Received 1416550525329466

Weapons Edit

  • Katana: Deals 25% Damage
  • Khopesh: Deals 50% Damage
  • Muramasa: Sucks Energy, Delivers 75% Damage
  • Energy Sword: Deals 100% Damage
  • Golden Katana: Deals 125% Damage
  • Tengu Sword: Deals 150% Damage
  • Wallachian Scimitar (Vlad Tepes' Sword Referrence): Nullifies Ring-Out; Deals 175% Damage
  • Excalibur: Deals 200% Damage
  • Quill of the Phoenix: Joke Weapon; Deals 200% Damage