Darknut (2)

Supreme Dark Nut


Dark Nuts were originally thought to be only demons that Gannon had summoned up, but due to the large amount of them seen that were not even used by the demon,this proved impossible. The truth is, the same cult that had made the majoras mask had conjured them up to protect them durring their rituals. One of the ritals that was performed was taking the powerful soul edge, fabled for the countless gruesome acts it hade commited, and bound the spirit of the fierce deity to the sword, causing it to bear the mark of the tribes evil eye. They intended to use the sword to fight off the heroes of light, but the sword knew that the light it was going to face would be too strong for it to defeat, so it traveled back to a more corrupt land in search of souls. After leaving the universe it came form the spirit of the deity turned into a small crystal that was found by a dark nut. The power of the deity purged the demon inside of the armor and was possesed by the fierce deity. The deity then sought to seek the sword for fear of it binding itself to it again.


Sword:All of his slashing moves, while extremely over powered, can be dodged quickly and leave him wide ope for an assault. Using his sword for slashes should be only attempted by seasoned players as they are difficult to use effectivly, but are an extremely important skill to master if you wish to complete learning his move set. While his slashes are slow his thrusts are very fast, while ineffective, they have extreme chances of knock backs, and should help land one or two slashing moves on the opponent before they get up. His sword is better used for far away targets or for charging opponents that are moving in on you.

Shield:His shield however (used with the kick button) is a completely diffrent story, Many of the shield moves do medium damage, but push back the enemy in hopes of charging them. While it the shield is small, it is good for going in for counter attacks and has a few moves where he both attacks and defends a the same time, and while they are deadly, anyone who takes the time to observe his move set will easily be able to tell when he is going in for these move, so these moves mainly depend on luck or if the opponent you are versing is a newcomer.

Critical Finish: The Dark Nut hits the opponent on the head with his shield, he then creates clones that circle around the opponent (still laying on the ground.) and they take their small sword attached to their Tassets and stab at the opponent laying on the ground.