Sgt Kerero is a character featured in the fanon game soul calibur heroes parade and soulcalibur shattered dimensions. Kerero wields the mighty kero ball which can do mostly anything.


Sgt Kerero ended up in the world of soul calibur after a mistake happened. He ordered his staff seargeant kululu to make a that would capture the statue of liberty but at the same time something was going on in 2 different places. In kyoto japan allen walker an exorcist was sent to look for innocence and at the same time in the pits of hell devilchu killed the devil. Then devilchu attacked the Sgt and damaged the machine,after allen was done found a possible akuma and it was just were the Sgt was. The Sgt allen and devilchu entered a catyclismic battle and in the end the machine backfired and opened a portal and sent them back in time.

When the Sgt was teleported back so was devilchu and allen. Sgt kerero teleported right next to devilchu and was attacked right away . After 2 minutes the Sgt was knocked out completely so completely he had been sent 25 ft in the air and then drop kicked to the ground. he layed dieing until sora saved him. After that he joined up and promised to help Sora.


The Sgt has a variety of weapons.

Main weapon: The kero ball

Joke weapon: A gundam model

Version of soul edge: Gundam laser sword

Personalised weapon: Gundam laser dual blade

Critcal finishEdit

The Sgt critical finish is a deadly and violent move where you smash his gundam model on purpose and unleash the Sgts inner rage as he slaughters you with his bare hands then with the help of angol mois she unleashes hellmagedden 1000/1 and destroys the battlefield.


Hinata houshold

Secret base


Kero march


Character selection

Yay you picked me

Thanks alot

Before battleEdit

De arimasu

Get ready to die

I am seargent kerero

During battleEdit

Beware the ARMPIT platoon

Take that

Oh I love gundam

Super kerero

kerero powers activate

super cool kerero blast


I have won again

Pekapon will be ours

You should have never stood in our way(against haku)

I am sorry I had to do this ( against sora) Yay I beat him ( Against devilchu)

You broke my gundam( critical finish sigh)



Nooooooooo I lost


Please dont kill me


Sgt kerero is the first guest characters to be fetured as a non guest character along with devilchu and maka

Sgt kerero second third fourth and fith costumes are acually members of the ARMPIT platoon.


Sora(saved his life)

Devilchu(tried to kill him twice)