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Prellheia is an unlockable character that appears on Soul Calibur V.

She is a crazy girl searching for her dead pet.

What lies in her soul is Sadness.


Prellheia was an orphan. She was took in by an orphanage who was secretly beating children. Prellheia ran away, and trained at archery to hunt animals for food. She soon mastered archery, and was able to hit the correct spot at the correct time with no effort at all. On her way home from one hunt, she saw a tiny kitten who looks as if it were dying. Prellheia, pitying the cat, gave it some of the food she has stolen at the orphanage. She took it with her, and they traveled together. One day, a mysterious man wandered into the corner they were sleeping at the moment. He took out a knife, and was about to stab her when the cat suddenly clawed his feet. Prellheia awoke, and managed to get her bow and arrow. When she faced the man, she only found her cat lying dead. While Prellheia cried, her critical thinking suddenly stopped. Now, she accuses everyone. Everyone. Even the evil sword.


Crying WindEdit

A bow with blades on the sides. The blades allow her to slash at her foes.

Fighting StyleEdit

Prellheia can shoot at her enemy, but she will do so at a very slow rate. She can use the blades on either side of the bow for quick attacks. She is also acrobatic, so she can kick the enemy with great skill.

Critical FinishEdit

Prellheia pins the enemy to the ground with her arrow, then sits at the foe's torso. She will then slash at her opponent's head continously until her blades catch fire. The enemy will get incinerated. She jumps off and watches the body get reduced to ashes.


Character SelectionEdit

  • "Mei-Mei? Is that you?"
  • "(laughs)"

Before FightEdit

  • "Lalalalala! Got vengeance to do!"
  • "I like to kill bad people."
  • "No more excuses!"

After FightEdit

  • "Oops, you're not the one who killed her?"
  • "Hey! Who's the accomplice?"
  • "So you ganged up on us? I hate you even more!"
  • "(Scratch Head) What?"
  • (Losing) Killer!