Kratos The Ghost of Sparta


Sparta, Greece


October 1 500 BC


Chain Blades

Weapon name

The Blades of Chaos





Appears in

God of War - God of War III

English Voice Actor

T.C. Carson

Kratos is the protagonist of the God of War franchise. He is the son of Zeus and a mortal woman. Kratos was a Spartan general and servant of Ares and Kratos later rebelled against his master and destroyed him using Pandora's Box. Upon defeating Ares, he became the new God of War

What lies in his soul is Vengence

Kratos' Early LifeEdit

Kratos was a general of a rapidly growing Spartan army, first with only fifty men that grew into the thousands. Becoming a general, he won many victories and brought many treasures back to his family.

But soon, Kratos became brutal and war-hungry, winning battles through brutal but effective tactics. Only his family was brave enough to question his motives. He claims he wants the world to know of the glory of Sparta, but his wife protested he was just doing it for himself. However, he and his Spartan army were no match for the merciless barbarian tribes of the east. Being outnumbered and overpowered, his army was losing the battle. Kratos, about to be killed by the barbarian king cried out "ARES, DESTROY MY ENEMIES AND MY LIFE IS YOURS!!" The god accepted and wiped out the barbarians, giving Kratos the Blades of Chaos as a sign of his servitude.

Kratos served Ares loyally, raiding villages and spreading chaos in his name. However, during a raid on a village of Athena's followers, Ares tricked him into killing his wife and child in blind rage, an act he later describe as being done in order to make Kratos the perfect warrior. Stricken with horror and grief, Kratos left the bodies to be burned with the temple as he cursed Ares's name. The village oracle declared he is to be cursed to wear their ashes for all time on his skin to serve as punishment for his actions. From that day forward, he became known as "The Ghost of Sparta" due to his skin, which was now "pale as the moon" from the ashes that coated him. Afterward, the distraught Kratos began to be haunted by terrible nightmares of the deaths of his family. Over time, the memories and nightmares of killing his family began to drive him into total insanity. Abandoning Sparta, Kratos traveled throughout Greece, only finding some solace in sailing the Aegean Sea. To find peace, he pledged his life and services to the other gods of Olympus in the hope that they would one day relieve him of his burden.

To other mortals, he was now marked by his white skin. The knowledge of his past actions have been shown to repulse normal people to the point where they do not allow him to save their lives. They would even kill themselves in the process. He was forever known as the "Ghost of Sparta" to all who saw him. He is seen as the personification of cruelty and selfishness.

Kratos would serve the gods for ten years following the death of his family. However, he always held on to the desire for revenge against Ares.

Ten years later Kratos got a chance to seek his revenge on the God of War and rid himself of the terrible nightmares that haunted him. He is ordered by Athena to seek out Pandora's Box in order to help him destroy Ares.

Rebirth and Heroic ActsEdit

Many years after his death, Kratos was ordered by the Gods to destroy the weapon called Soul Edge wielded by Zasalamel.