Humphrey is one of the guest characters who works for Kilik aside with Surly and Felix. He was an bounty hunter hired by Raphael Sorel to track down the Alpha but chose to unite with them and his brothers. Raphael felt betrayed and he secretly had Tony as an accomplice to hunt down the united packs but fails to. Tony gets a penalty for failing Raphael which is death. Meanwhile Raphael is killed by Humphrey and Kilik thanks Humphrey for the "Vampire Control" the Alpha grants Humphrey good luck as Humphrey joins Kilik's Army. He is depicted wearing a Cerulean Tabard, Purple Hakama, Platinum Armor, Greaves, and Vambrace, and he wears his Wiccan boxers underneath.

Weapons Edit

  • Earth: Deals 50% Damage and weakens opponent
  • Water: Deals 75% Damage
  • Wind: Deals 100% Damage
  • Fire: Deals 120% Damage
  • Blood: Deals 125% Damage and drains health
  • Ash: Deals 130% Damage
  • Poison: Deals 135% Damage
  • Light: Deals 145% Damage
  • Darkness: Deals 145% Damage and drains health
  • Lightning: Deals 150% Damage
  • Rain: Deals 160% Damage
  • Ice: Deals 175% Damage
  • Forest: Deals 175% Damage
  • Sand: Deals 180% Damage
  • Snow: Deals 190% Damage
  • Techno: Deals 200% Damage
  • Arcane: Deals 200% Damage