Hideyoshi Yasumaro (安万侶 秀良; Yasumaro Hideyoshi) was a Shinto apprentice from Nagoya, Japan who practiced Shrine Shinto (神社神道; jinja-shintō). Hideyoshi lived and worshiped at the prestigious Atsuta Shrine.

Powers and abilities Edit

Though an apprentice, Hideyoshi is an accomplished archer, capable of hitting his target with remarkable precision. His time with a Buddhist monk influenced his fighting technique to include staff fighting. In order to lighten his load, Hideyoshi developed and trained himself in the use of the bow-staff. With the bow-staff, Hideyoshi can knock back his opponents with the "staff," then agilely leap back to fire a stream of arrows. He often combines his techniques with the bow-staff with his connections to the Shinto spirits, further amplifying his power.