Devilchu is a demonic version of pikachu and is the main antagonist of soulcalibur shattered dimensions and is fetured in soul calibur heroes parade.



Devilchu did the unthinkable disguise himself as ahses pikachu and kill ash after doing this he was killed ans sent to hell. But while in hell he learned something hes a total badass after beating the crap through and 9 circles of hell he roundhouse kicked the devil so hard he died.

Then after 3 hours he attacked the hinata household for no reason(actually secret base). After a big battle he was teleleported **** and teleported some more. Then he knew he was in the past because he saw his best friend jeff who died( viciously murdered by devilchu cause he wouldnt give devilchu money)so he shot him with an uzi. After that he saw a girl by the age of 17 he thought of something naughty but before he could do anything kerero jumped him. After 2 minutes kerero looked really dead. But he was alive.


The devils sword

The devils head

Ahses head

the soul reaper



hinata household

dark forest


kero march

Dance with the devil


Character selectionEdit

You have picked me

As you wish

Before battleEdit

Prepare to dance with the devil

Pray to survive

unce unce unce what you lookin at

During battleEdit


you shall die

hahahaha go to hell


Welcome to hell

I have crushed you again(Against Kerero)

You have lost little girl(Against Sora)


I should have killed you when i had the chance(lose to kerero)

You are strong little girl(lose to sora)


Sgt kerero: enemy