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Andy Prayitno
Birthplace Indonesia (Future)
Birthdate Indonesia (Future)
Height 5' 11" (182cm)
Weight Refuses to Reveal

16 (Soul Calibur IV: New Future)

20 (Soul Calibur V: Super Trilogy)

Blood type A


Weapon name


Fighting style Self-Taught
Family All his relatives were deceased
Appears in

Soul Calibur IV: New Future

Soul Calibur V: Super Trilogy

First game Soul Calibur IV: New Future

Andy Prayitno is one of the fictional character and also one of the protagonist in Soul Calibur IV: New Future and later, he became one of the main protagonist in Soul Calibur V: Super Trilogy. He was from the future before somehow get transported into the Soul Calibur world.


Skill & AbilitiesEdit




The MachClimax is the default weapon for Andy Prayitno. Climax has transforming into weapon for Andy to uses. It is an Zweihander with an barrel of the gun at the tip of sword as the gun. With this weapon, He can perform the Counter Slash with Climax counting down the attack time given to him.

Critical FinishEdit

He was shooting at the ground to blind his oppenent with he'll give ten seconds to defeat oppenent before he perform Counter Slash downward slash.

Story Mode EndingEdit


  • A