Anakin Skywalker is a Guest Character and an Anti-Hero. He usurped Shao Kahn's Control, then had Termites eat Thanos' Armor, then tossed President Snow in the loony bin. Anakin Skywalker then was about to assassinate Algol. However, He had him redeem himself so he can let the Rebels dominate the Oppressors, and take over the world reversing the oppression. Ani fought fire with fire, until the Jedi saw good in him. Unknowingly that Anakin was betrayed by the Hero King, Anakin uses SoulCalibur to assassinate Algol, thanks to his might of The Force.

Notes Edit

  • Anakin's Alternate Dimension Variant (ADV) consists of a combination of referrences of: Ezio's Turkish Armor, Shazam Regime's Cape, and Raiden's Hat
  • He gets a wide selection of crystals for his lightsaber in the Soul dimension (i.e Black, White, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Orange, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Malachite, and Magenta
  • He is Mitsurugi's former Mercenary and Assassin, built for liberation from the minions of the Cursed Sword